Fax from Computer: Easy Steps to Send And Receive Faxes

Fax from Computer: Are you aware of how making fax from email is quite possible with the aid of a faxing service? In the situation yes, then you’re within the proper place. This short article will show you how to Fax From a Computer.

We’ve done some comprehensive research with regard to your ease, which means you don’t need to go anyplace else in quest of the correct information. Hopefully following this essay, there is a solution to any or all the questions you have. Please look at this essay to discover everything I have that you should learn about send Fax from Computer free.

How to Fax from Computer: 5 Steps to Send And Receive Faxes

Fax from Computer


This fax service from Coco is among the best around for delivering and receiving faxes effortlessly. However, you won’t find a more sensible choice elsewhere regarding cost and gratifaction. The program offers each of the features you might expect from a high-finish application.

If you’re searching to have an economical fax service with lots of features, you’ll need to go elsewhere. However, this gadget includes all you possibly want, so you’ll like utilizing it.

Characteristics of CocoFax

Here are the essential characteristics of CocoFax that you should know of. Have a look and discover all you need to learn about sending Fax online for free.

Environment Friendly

This program is eco-friendly. In the end, it eliminates the requirement for paper because things are processed instantly. It’s easy to demonstrate your ecological awareness whilst getting the most from CocoFax.

Fax Covers

There’s a slew of unique fax covers incorporated within this program that you simply won’t get in every other. Consequently, you are able to pick the one which best meets your faxing needs. These Fax from Computer covers are made to satisfy the demands of the people using them, so choose the one which most closely fits your company.

Delivery Report

Whenever a fax is distributed, you’ll obtain a delivery report from CocoFax. It lets the sender and recipient know once the fax was sent and received.

Searchable Faxes

You can always make use of this tool to discover your selected fax number. There’s no need to bother about how this can all exercise. To start, go into the fax’s primary keyword and press looking button. Your time and effort won’t be destroyed because you’ll be able to discover the fax you had been searching for.

Lifetime Storage

Since you own the faxes, you’ve complete control of when you want to get rid of them. Additionally, you don’t need to bother about deleting or transferring your faxes because keeping these things until you need them.

Subscription Plan

CocoFax has various subscription plans to select from, so pick the one which best meets your needs. If you’re searching for a less expensive option, you are able to opt for these membership plans. Fax from Computer Obviously, you could make use of the free trial offer before investing in a compensated plan.

Saves Time

This fax service enables users in order to save time by not awaiting another party to become physically present in a specific place to complete business-related tasks. It can save you effort and time applying this service rather than awaiting your company colleagues to accomplish the job personally. There’s there is no need to think about anything because everything can be achieved instantly.

User-Friendly and Convenient

This straightforward-to-use solution works together with an array of technological gadgets. It works with many devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC.

CocoFax doesn’t need to use specific electrical equipment. Just get hold of your digital camera along with a working web connection. Departing the rest of the try to the application could save you effort and time.

Fax Preview

Users could see the faxes they’re going to send to the recipient and find out where they have to make adjustments, additions, or deletions with the aid of CocoFax. Please make certain the data within the fax is true by applying this approach to viewing it.

Using CocoFax to Send and Receive Faxes

1. CocoFax’s 30-day free trial offer is a superb starting point. Additionally, a totally free fax number can be obtained from CocoFax. If required, you are able to pick your fax number.

You’ll be redirected to your CocoFax dashboard whenever you complete the signing process. The dashboard may also be utilized from the computer by logging into your CocoFax account on their own official website.

2. Press the “Send Fax” button to transmit the fax within the next step. Make your fax within the window which will appear whenever you press this button.

3. Once the ‘Send Fax’ pop-up appears, complete the following fields to send your fax:

  • The fax number of the receipt must be entered in the “To” column. If you need to insert a note in the subject line of the fax, you can do so here.
  • Further, it is up to you to include a cover page with the fax, of course. However, the first page appears at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Attach the file you want to fax at the end. For faxing from the computer, CocoFax offers a wide range of options, including the ability to send and receive files in various formats, including PDF.


Our aim is that this post Free Fax from Computer provides you with all the details you should know about faxing with the computer. If you’ve still got questions, you can make contact with us or achieve to the service?s customer service team, who definitely are happy to assist you with all you need to know about the gadget.

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