Best Android Keyboard Apps You Can Use 2022

We reside in a world where mobile is nearly equal to another organ. That’s why getting the appropriate best android keyboard apps to type is vital. Therefore we provide you with their email list of the greatest Android keyboards to improve your typing speed and productivity.

Although all Android phones provide an excellent pre-installed keyboard or default keyboard with multiple emojis and much more functions, getting another keyboard application for your needs is advisable. Whether you have to give a GIF keyboard or require more features to type, we’ve got your back.

With lots of possibilities, we’ve covered top android keyboard apps that you could download in your tool and get began immediately. In the following paragraphs, I’ve given you a summary of the best Android keyboard apps that you could put on your android phone with no trouble.

Best Android keyboard Apps List

best Android keyboard apps

Here’s our handpicked list of the greatest keyboard apps for Android that you could put on your Android phone.

Microsoft Quick key is proven to be among the finest Android keyboards. It arrives with innovative features, including cloud sync, which helps to ensure that your files stay in one location for those devices, auto-correction, personalization, line and word conjecture, and much more.

The quick key keyboard will also support different languages, gesture support, styles, and much more. The laptop keyboard is free of charge to set up on the Google Play Store. However, should you increase the styles and personalization options, you can buy the app’s premium version.


As Fleksy ignited, Pinterest purchased the organization and started focusing on its updates. It’s hands-lower among the best keyboard apps for Android. The Fleksy Android keyboards include various features for example swiping, search, memes, and gif compatibility.

You are able to download the application in the Google play store, and it’ll instantly start caring for your device. Although the Fleksy Android keyboards application is mainly free, you may want to purchase certain features, which can move up to $2.99.

Slash keyboard

Finally on the android keyboard application list may be the Slash keyboard. The Slash keyboard’s niche enables you to surf various apps for example YouTube, Google, Spotify, and much more.

Another best aspect of this keyboard is tapping the spacebar’s left side. It begins looking search and instantly pastes the written text field that you are typing. In addition, this straightforward keyboard includes multiple functionalities, including language support, voice typing, emoji, and much more.

However, the only real drawback is the fact that Slash doesn’t provide proper auto-correct or gesture typing. So, if you’re searching for any professional keyboard that detects errors, Slash Keyboard might not be your pick. This fantastic Android keyboard is obtainable free of charge.


Chrooma has become renamed as Hydrogen keyboard, and it arrives with various features for example grammar check, night mode, swiping mode, and thumb-typing for the split-screen. Chrooma keyboard includes a unique design and usefulness when compared with other keyboard apps out there.

However, still, it doesn’t provide enough personalization options within the free form of the laptop keyboard. Should you upgrade towards the premium, you are able to personalize the characteristics slightly else, the disposable version works all right.

When the keyboard layout and style are the key focus, we recommend picking the Chrooma keyboard as the android keyboard application.

Google Gboard

Gboard is really a multi-functional keyboard application with assorted features like auto-correction, multi-language preference, personalization options, etc. The best focus of Gboard is its in-built Search. With this particular keyboard, you are able to Google anything without departing the laptop keyboard. Additionally, it allows you to translate, search gifs, as well as type anything making use of your voice.

In addition, additionally, it possesses an emoji keyboard to create your conversation more exhilarating. If we must pick the right android keyboard application, we’ll pick Gboard with no blink of an eye. However, while using the Gboard, you suffer from frequent ads.


Touchpal is yet another of the greatest multifunctional Android keyboard apps with fantastic features for example art emoticons, easily customizable fonts, a dual dictionary, along with a split keyboard. On top of this, it enables you to clipboard a brief history.

Furthermore, you are able to play games in Touchpal and supply password protection for particular apps. You are able to download the laptop keyboard application free of charge. However, it has an annual premium arrangement for $4.99, which provides you use of the better options that come with the laptop keyboard.

GIF Keyboard

As suggested by its name, this keyboard’s prime focus is supplying trending gifs. You’ll find trending and latest GIFs around the keyboard. Besides, it arrives with a searching oral appliance a vital that switches your keyboard to some regular keyboard.

The best this about the free keyboard is you can even paste a GIF URL inside. The cherry on the top is, that the Ginger root keyboard is free of charge to download and employ on your android phone.

GIF keyboard is fantastic for users searching for GIFs and a straightforward keyboard. It works with the majority of the Android versions, possesses an emoji keyboard, and it is our top pick to find the best android keyboard apps.

Grammarly Keyboard

Although Grammarly rose to fame when you are a chrome extension, its keyboard came out soon after. Just like the chrome extension, the Grammarly keyboard corrects your errors, spelling mistakes, and much more. You are able to download Grammarly on your android phone in the Google Play store and begin utilizing it like a standard keyboard.

While writing your essential documents, Grammarly will highlight all of the corrections that may be designed to enhance your writing. In addition, you may also make use of the emoji keyboard while typing. Because of its recognition, Grammarly continues to be dealing with several changes to enhance users? experience and add new functionality.

Grammarly keyboard is free of charge to set up. However, you are able to upgrade to the premium version within the application for much better suggestions. Should you look for a keyboard application that detects spelling errors, and typing mistakes and offers the finest features to create your crucial documents, Grammarly ought to be your top pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard for Android?

Each keyboard mentioned on this list serves a different purpose, but google Gboard is the best in terms of features.

What is the best Gboard for SwiftKey?

Both the keyboards are the best in terms of their respective features. However, we would suggest going with the Google Keyboard -Gboard. It is a simple keyboard with excellent functionalities.

What is the fastest keyboard for Android?

There are numerous best android keyboard apps available. However, Gboard may be the fastest android keyboard because of its outstanding features. This Google keyboard tops our listing of best android keyboards for android.


Living in this tech-savvy world, we’ve almost forgotten to make use of our fingers for other purposes. The short pace rituals need smooth keyboards. There are numerous keyboard options on the market, which makes it hard for android users to select the appropriate keyboard for them personally. To help make the process simple, I’ve given you a summary of all of the third-party keyboards with innovative features.

If you’re overwhelmed using the options pointed out to find the best android keyboard apps and want a fast solution, we advise choosing Google Gboard. Similarly, if you would like the very best keyboard application that detects spelling errors, we recommend using Grammarly.

Within the finish, we recommend picking the one which fulfills your requirement. Hopefully, our list of all of the third-party keyboards helped you pick the right android keyboard. Which keyboard application are you currently selecting in the best android keyboard apps list? Tell us within the comments section below.