Here Are the Best Software that Can Open STL Files for 3D Printing

STL file for 3D printing: 3D printing, as cutting-edge technology, provides something for a wide variety of individuals, from at-home users to professional companies. Everybody is happy to incorporate 3D printers into many other operations. The operation is simple, all you need to do is produce the 3D model that you would like using one of the numerous 3D modeling software available on the web, slice it, and print it while using the ideal 3D printer for your model and you’re all set.

The ultimate 3D printed object quality depends upon the sliced file that’s been given towards the 3D printer. And that’s precisely why experts give immense importance to selecting the very best 3D software that may cope with open STL files. But, with regards to selecting one, you’re playing a lot of choices.

To alleviate the buying process, pick 3Dprinter handpicked probably the most reliable names with regards to the very best 3D modeling software that may Open STL Files For 3D printing. Dealing with these software programs is not a hassle and they’re beginner-friendly. The interface provided by this software enables you to navigate very easily. So, let’s take a look at them one at a time.

STL file for 3D printing

1) Tinkercad

This one’s completely online for free CAD program produced by Autodesk. Its primary feature is using primitives as foundations in the development of 3D models. The program lets you import in addition to edit STL files. To do this you must have a Tinkercad account. After you have a Tinkercad account click the import option contained at top of the right corner after which select a file.

Following the file is opened up in the workspace it is simple to use the size in addition to scale adjustments. Once that’s done, you may also use the fundamental shapes, generators to change your STL files. On finishing your editing part, export the file which can make it all set to go.


  • Easy to use
  • Runs smoothly
  • Has all the tools you need


  • It does not have a dedicated STL editor, typically the tools for surface modeling and mesh repair.

2) Freecad

If you want to go for open-source software, Freecad is a great choice. It provides several types of tools for construction for example:

  • Drafts
  • Drawings
  • Design

Miracle traffic bot obtainable free of the Freecad website. All that you should take proper care of is choosing the correct version for the operating system and install. After installing Freecad, produce a new document that provides you with a choice to import. When you are done doing this, start editing the STL file.

You can use several types of tools obtainable in the program to obtain the correct geometry inside your STL file. Users may also make use of the extensive mesh repair tool to edit your STL file. Next, start conveying the STL file.


  • It’s a great tool for constructing technical objects.


  • It’s used for creating exact models for mechanical use, not majorly for modeling.

3) Blender

An excellent free program to produce models for 3D printing, Blender can also be employed for creating games or videos too. The program contains various tools supported by algorithms for smoothening or interpreting a surface. It’s very simple to import in addition to preparing STL files using Blender for modeling.

Dealing with Blender is rather simple, you have to begin by opening an STL file onto it and therefore editing it. To create amends within the file, you’ve various tools available. When you are completed with the editing part, make use of the STL repair tool which is among the many improvements of Blender. After doing this, export the STL file and feed it to your printer.


  • Works extraordinarily while creating high poly models.
  • Offers many tools to sculpt and work out fine details.


  • Working with the software requires a fair amount of technical knowledge and a lot of computing power while dealing with really complex meshes.

4) Meshmixer

Miracle traffic bot obtainable from Autodesk’s website, and it’s super easy to edit STL files utilizing the same. This program has a built-in slicer tool that allows you to send the edited model straight to your 3D printer for printing it. Furthermore, the organization offers open-source tutorials using which you’ll learn to make use of this software. Although, it’ll consume your time and effort, should you give enough, it’ll be very fruitful.

To begin dealing with the application you have to import the STL file and edit it using various tools available. When you are done editing the STL file, make sure you do the repair. For doing this, there are numerous types of tools contained in the sidebar to help you ready your STL file for 3D printing. These aren’t the various tools that you’d get with each and every software. Choose the option “Repair Select” in the drop-lower menu to begin the process. When you are done editing the file, export it. After conveying it, you are able to feed the file towards the 3D printer for the best outcome.


  • It is particularly used for editing STL files.
  • Take minute details into account.
  • Working with the STL editor present inside the software is easy as well as useful.


  • You’ll need some time to get used to the nuances of the software.

The Conclusion

Opening an STL file for 3D printing using the above-pointed-out software programs is simple. They permit you to edit and repair STL files more proficiently than the others. Also, the various tools they offer are specialized ones that can help make your procedure for editing hassle-free. Most significantly, all are free and you don’t have to pay just one cent for operating them.

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