The Best Laptop Processors from Intel and AMD Brands

Choosing the best laptop processor is one of the considerations when buying a new laptop. This is because the processor is an important and main laptop component besides other components.

Quoting the book Practical Tips on Caring for a Laptop for Beginners by Juntak Teamwork, the processor is the main brain in the laptop operating system. The higher the processor speed value, the higher the laptop’s performance in processing data.
Currently there are slot terbaru many technology companies that produce processors for laptops. However, there are two big names that are most popular on the market, namely Intel and AMD. Both produce processors that have their respective advantages.

List of the Best Laptop Processors by Brand

Each processor brand has different capabilities. Even each series in one brand also has its own advantages. The following is a list of the best laptop processors from Intel and AMD, compiled from the PC Mag and Cashify pages.

1. Intel Core i9 X Series processor

Intel is the most popular type of processor and dominates the market. This processor brand is known bakarat online to be heat resistant and has reliable graphics.
Based on the page, some of their products are equipped with Hyper Threading technology to sharpen images. The best Intel processor is Intel Core i9 X Series.
This is a processor that occupies the highest class among other Intel processor series. With the sophistication offered, this series is priced at around 999 US Dollars.

2.Intel Core i7 processor

The next best laptop processor is Intel Core i7. This processor was developed with the Nehalem Microarchitecture, namely transistors made of hafnium dioxide and metal gates with 45nm fabrication.
With this technology, this processor has better performance than i3 and i5. With this processor, you can run animation software, graphic design, 3D rendering, and also run heavy games smoothly.

3. AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro

AMD processors are tough competitors from Intel. The advantage of this processor is on good graphics. No wonder this processor is preferred by gamers. slot nexus tergacor
Currently the best processor from AMD is AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro. This processor was first introduced at the CES 2020 Las Vegas exhibition last January and is claimed to be the fastest of the other processor series.

4. AMD Ryzen Bulldozer

AMD Orochi “Bulldozer” presents high specifications in its class. Unmitigated, the processor speed is 3.6 GHz to 3.9 GHz and reaches a maximum speed baccarat online of 4.2 GHz.
With these speeds, this processor is suitable for computers with high specifications. There are at least three core options, namely 6 cores (FX6000), 8 cores (FX8000), and 4 cores (FX4000)


8 Best Junk File Cleaner Android Apps

This trash file cleaning android application will later help you clean up the cache or files that have accumulated on your cellphone. Cache is a copy of the application file that can make the user open the application again quickly. Slot deposit

On Google Play, there are actually many android applications available for cleaning junk files, but the large number of them sometimes makes you confused about which one to choose. However, don’t worry, DailySocial will provide information regarding the best android application for cleaning junk files in 2022, which can be downloaded for free.

Come on, see the discussion below!

Junk File Cleaner Android App


CCleaner is a garbage cleaning android application which is quite popular apart from cleaning cache, this application can also free up space on cellphones, and maximize RAM.

Then, CCleaner can also uninstall various unwanted applications quickly and easily. situs judi roulette

Avast Cleanup

One of the junk cleaning android applications that can increase battery life is Avast Cleanup. Not only that, Avast Cleanup also has an app hibernation feature that can temporarily pause apps to extend battery life, save mobile data, clean memory, and increase device speed.


KeepClean is an all-in-one junk cleaner android app as well as an integrated antivirus app

RAM optimizer, antivirus and Battery saver. This app has been installed by 100,000,000 people.

Keepclean also has a game booster feature, namely closing unused background applications to free up RAM and improve smartphone performance.

Super Clean-Master of Cleaner

The next junk file cleaner android application is SuperClean, which features a junk cleaner, memory acceleration, CPU cooler, software management, super battery saver, and also as an antivirus.

Super Speed Boost Master

Your cellphone often lags? Maybe it’s time to use Super Speed Boost Master, an android application that cleans junk files that already has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play. The main features of Super Speed Boost Master are CPU performance optimization, junk file cleaner, RAM booster, battery booster and game speed booster.

Deep Clean

The next best android application for cleaning junk files is Deep Clean which has a rating of 4.8 on Google Play.

DeepClean will help clean up cache, trash, as an application manager, and also clean RAM so that device speed can be more optimal.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is a device management and optimization tool that more than 50 million people have installed. This application is the same as other trash cleaning android applications with additional features in the form of a file manager.

The file manager can later analyze photos, files and applications to help maximize the performance of your smartphone.


The best android application for removing junk files is Phone Clean, this free downloadable application can be used to quickly optimize cellphone . So, you can say goodbye to slow mobile phones!

The main features of this app are removing junk and unnecessary files, phone acceleration and cooling, a very convenient file manager, connecting the phone to any device wirelessly to transfer data and much more.

So, those were the 8 best junk file cleaner android apps in 2022. You can choose a junk cleaner app that suits your device and look for apps that are not too burdensome.